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I've had the luxury whilst I've been working away to sneak off to the cinema during the day. Any parent will understand what a treat this is. First I saw American Sniper. Directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Bradley Cooper…

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Interview with Terri

Interview: Terri Dwyer on Truth, Lies, Diana January 13, 2015 Terri Dwyer is currently starring in Truth, Lies, Diana at the Charing Cross Theatre. Written by Jon Conway, press material states that Truth, Lies, Diana contains “sensational new information about the death…

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Media Day

A couple of snaps for you today: The first is the Charing Cross Theatre where Terri will be performing January/February 2015 The second is a snap from the media day last week. Truth, Lies, Diane is a ‘factional’ drama about…

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