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Terri had never acted before and really couldn’t believe her luck when Phil Redmond picked her to play the role of Ruth Osbourne in Hollyoaks.

A twenty two year old Terri and her friend Morgan went to Liverpool for the audition. They decided that Terri would drive and on the expenses they were paid, they would explore the sights and sounds of the city. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that here she would land the job that changed the course of her life.

Phil Redmond sent a letter to Terri about year after she started at Hollyoaks saying something along the line lines of “we are in danger of seeing a real actress here”. Terri was over the moon and still has the letter today; it is kept in a very safe place.

She made some great friends at Hollyoaks many of whom are still in her life now and always will be.

Images from Hollyoaks
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