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Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron

The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon who directed the first film The Avengers. Cast include Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanson, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson to name a few. It is already one of the most successful sequels of all time standing slightly behind The Avengers.

This film is a 12A. Whilst I’m usually quite liberal with my children with the films they watch, this really is justified. A noticeable amount of bad language, an amputation of an arm and a two and a half hour movie contributes to this 12A certificate. My eldest son just about coped with it, but sadly, my youngest (and by far the most passionate about the Marvel franchise) really found the experience difficult.

I struggled to keep up in the first hour. Bouncing from universe to universe and character to character the narrative was difficult to follow. That said, it was surprisingly touching at times and I really enjoyed the romantic elements because two of the characters. The chemistry wasn’t the strongest, but it did provide a welcomed rest from the thrilling roller coaster ride that Age of Ultron takes you on.

A little mention has to go Elizabeth Olsen who takes on the role of Scarlet Witch. Another female to join Black Widow certainly helps to balance out the testosterone! I loved the way Olsen portrayed her half of the Maximoff twins. The other being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson AKA Quicksilver. A great contribution to the magnificent seven. Banner/Hulk are counted as two appently!

“The city is flying, we’re fighting robots — and I’ve got a bow and arrow.” – one of Hawkeye’s best lines in the film! But to be honest, every character in the film had its moment, and that’s part of the reason theses Marvel films stand out from other super hero franchises. You constantly switch between who your favourite super hero is, and enjoy the good guys kicking some serious arse!

Worth a visit but brace yourself, it is quite exhausting but in a fantastic way!


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