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Mr Apple

MR. APPLE”, a beautiful short film for GRIEF ENCOUNTER charity.

In the ‘circle-of-life’, 8-year old Genie loses her best friend, her mentor ‘Mummy’. Before passing away, her mother picks the very last apple that the raggedy old apple tree in their garden has to offer. The tree has borne fruit through three generations of their family. Mummy gives the apple a friendly face and a name. Mr. Apple becomes Genie’s companion; Genie’s ‘totem’… bringing her the comfort of connection to her departed mother. With Dad struggling to maintain balance through his grief … and misunderstanding Genie’s bond with ‘just a bloody apple!’, there is much for them to learn. Together, they find grace, understanding and redemption in their uplifting recovery.

Genie’s story is very real. It is not melodramatic. We don’t see Mummy die. The ‘C’ word is never used. It’s a truthful telling of an unavoidably tragic tale that at some time touches most of our lives. In a child’s perception a parent is there, then is suddenly gone, leaving a hole they can’t find a way to fill. Mr. Apple’s parable teaches us how we are all connected in the circle of life; that life goes on… that the departed live on in within us. This is Mr. Apple’s positive message of hope.<>

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