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Mr Apple

MR. APPLE”, a beautiful short film for GRIEF ENCOUNTER charity. In the 'circle-of-life', 8-year old Genie loses her best friend, her mentor 'Mummy'. Before passing away, her mother picks the very last apple that the raggedy old apple tree in their garden has to…

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Tell Me Why

Hi guys, After being bullied myself for two years at school, this project is very close to my heart. Of course as an adult, I can rationalise most of the emotions that can pop up uninvited, but I'm not going…

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The Ghost’s Touch Tour Dates

This is a haunting play based on the chilling tale by the author of The Woman In White Widower Stephen Rayburn’s young daughter Lucy runs back to him from the woods in Kensington Gardens. He can see that she’s frightened.…

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Revlon Girl reviews

Webmaster here - I thought I would take the liberty of sharing some of the amazing feedback that Revlon Girl received on social media regarding it's recent tour.

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