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Ten Minutes is a short film that Terri starred in alongside Lock Stock star Nick Moran and Red Dwarf star Craig Charles. Terri said “it was a great experience and I made a wonderful friend in the producer Dean Fisher from Scanner Rhodes. We continue to look for projects we can work together on”.

It is a black comedy set in real time which just received a private screening at BAFTA. It tells of Andy, a magazine editor on his first deadline… who then accidentally destroys the CD of images for the issue. Will he make the deadline?

The film was directed by Ben Mole and produced and written by Dean Fisher for Scanner Rhodes.

Dean Fisher said “I wrote Ten Minutes three years ago. The idea originated whilst I was working in the city and was witness to the fast paced, frenetic atmosphere that city life can take on. Because my time management was so poor I was always hitting deadlines at pace. The principal character Andy was me. The other characters were based on friends and people I know.”

The film was shot on location in London, and the usual time and money pressures – though apparent – were cleverly negotiated. “The film took eight days to shoot. Having a small budget, we had to work twice as hard on locations which suited the story as opposed to creating them in a studio. I also had to re-write the script and incorporate my garage as location.”

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