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Break is the first feature film Terri has produced, quite a challenge when you also have an acting part! It is also the first film premiere to take place at a drive in.

Break was shot in London , Beijing and the ‘Home of Snooker’ the Sheffield Crucible.

Brought up rundown council estate in London, father (Luke Mably, 28 Days LaterThe Prince & Me) in prison and absent from his childhood, mother (Terri Dwyer, 13 Graves, Hooligan Legacy,) trying to provide for the family, Spencer Pryde (Sam Gittins, Call the MidwifeRay & LizObey) is one step away from ending up like his father with no future. Surrounded by knife-crime, drug dealing and an insurmountable debt hanging over him, Spencer is given an opportunity to rise above this inevitable ending, by the help of an old friend of his father’s, a former ‘eight ball’ pool champion, Vincent Qiang (David Yip, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Chinese Detective, A View to KillEntrapment).

With Qiang’s guidance and a debt from the notorious gangster Ray (Rutger Hauer, Blade RunnerThe HitcherTrue Blood), Spencer makes a bid for a snooker tournament in Beijing, to secure his future and use his God-given talents to rise up from the crime-ridden streets of London. With the help of his crush Sally (Sophie Stevens, The HauntedThe Black Prince), Spencer is left to fight his inner demons and prove to his loved ones that he can make a break, for a better life.

BREAK also stars Jamie Foreman and features appearances by British snooker star Jack Lisowski, Chinese sensation Liang Wenbo and World Snooker Champion Ken Doherty.

Break will have a UK cinematic release in 2020 and then a Worldwide realise shortly after.

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