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I’ve had the luxury whilst I’ve been working away to sneak off to the cinema during the day. Any parent will understand what a treat this is.

First I saw American Sniper. Directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. To be honest, I haven’t been bothered by either actors before, but boy did this film change my opinion! Bradley is almost unrecognisable as Chris Kyle – the most lethal sniper in U.S military history. And I didn’t even know it was Sienna Miller until a few scenes in! Unfairly, I assumed she couldn’t act. I guess I was hugely influenced by the press that surrounded her in the ‘Jude Law’ days. But I stand corrected as she does a superb job of playing the wife of Kyle, trying to come to terms with her changing husband after 4 tours of duty in Iraq. At times, the storyline was a bit weak but for me I forgave that because I found the character of Kyle fascinating. I always enjoy the characters much more when I know it’s a true story.
Definitely worth a peak.


Kingsman was my next film. I had intended to take my little boy to see this. After seeing all the trailers I thought he’d love it-a James Bond for kids. I’m so glad I didn’t – I didn’t realise it’s a 15 for starters, and I have to say, that is definitely warranted.

Taron Egerton (I know, I’d never heard of him either!) Is wonderful as the South London bad boy who’s heading for a life behind bars. Until he crosses paths with a dapper agent played by a delightful Colin Firth. Together they save the World from Villanious Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson.

I loved this film but I am very disappointed with the certification of 15. This is without doubt a kids spy movie, and at that rating there’s a lot of kids that are going to miss out.


Homeland – Spoiler alert if you haven’t yet seen it.
I know I’m a bit behind the times but I’ve just finished this series. I AM FURIOUS with the last ep!!! What the hell were they thinking? Who gives a shit about any of the answer to those relationships! After a very slow start the series really gathered pace. Me and my hubby enjoyed it immensely, watching ep after ep. We spent the whole last episode waiting for something to happen.

Despite the above, I have to say we didn’t miss Damian Lewis. Claire Danes was her usual brilliant self and Rupert Friend really stepped up to the mark as leading man. A mean, killing machine with a heart. I felt sorry for this talented cast with the tripe they were given in the last episode, it looked like it belong to another series! Come on Homeland, you can do better than that!!!!

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