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Pressing Matters

Hey you.

Our press week for Truth, Lies, Diana is well underway. It’s so fantastic to be part of a play like this. As one of our reviews said, this is a ‘David of a play that the Goliath of establishment would rather not be on!’ Jon Conway has spent 3 yrs researching this and all the facts in the play are taken from documents he’s read, or sources he’s spoken to. I believe he’s created a balance view of what happened surrounding the death of Princess Diana, and as a very public women, I feel the public have a right to know what went on. We live in a democracy and are encouraged to think for ourselves, after seeing our play, you can make up your own mind.

Of course, the downside of any working mother is that I miss by boys terribly! A small part of me thinks its good for me to be working away sometimes. It’s important for my boys to understand that finding a job you love is part of your key to happiness. And if you want nice things in life, you’ve got to go to work! Of course the other side feels guilty on the things I’m missing back home, and wondering if they’ll speak to me when they realise I’m only home for 24hrs on Sunday. Must remember to explain its about quality time together, not quantity.

Today is a good day, I feel blessed to have people in my life to love and happiness in my soul to enjoy. Long may that continue.

Have a wonderful day and may health and happiness be with you all.

Until next time.

T x

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