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Tell Me Why

Hi guys,

After being bullied myself for two years at school, this project is very close to my heart.

Of course as an adult, I can rationalise most of the emotions that can pop up uninvited, but I’m not going to lie, the effect of this torment still very much rages in me.

People are probably surprised to know this, because I have such a sunny, positive outlook on life. But the inner insecurities that I sometimes deal with privately, I know, are mostly from that time in my life.

That is why this story needs to be told, written beautifully and honestly by the very talented Ellie Bindman.

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Were you bullied at school, or are you perhaps being bullied at work? It’s a pernicious part of life globally.

Cyber bullying now is a horrific modern phenomenon suffered by many thousands of children (and adults) daily.

This is one of the themes we cover in Tell me Why? As well as sexual and drug experimentation and trying to find a safe place in the maelstrom of teenage life.

We are close to finding funding but are working hard to achieve a bigger social media presence.
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We hope to raise the money through investment to start filming in 2018.

Thank you guys

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