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Eat Elite!

What a launch we had at Eat Elite in Liverpool on Wednesday – We were fed beautiful food and got to ogle half naked men, what a wonderful way to spend a lunch time!

On a more serious tone, I was very much looking forward to learn more about what this company from Southport was all about.

As most of you know, I have a huge passion for diet and exercise so I was very interested to see what Eat Elite could do for my lumpy legs!

‘Eat Elite was founded by Dario Curcillo, Kieran Congdon, and Paul Hampson. Each team member brings a professional level of valuable expertise from their chosen field.

The team say they “cater for everybody from busy mums to professional athletes. Clients needs are met with the utmost efficiency from the offset – when their current nutrition plan, fitness regime and lifestyle are analysed to create a menu suited to them.

Once this bespoke menu has been devised, every 2 days you’ll receive a delivery of beautifully cooked food to your doorstep. Surely this is an idiot proof way to achieve your goal???

I’m waiting on baited breath this morning until I can book my consultation with Kieran to see if for once and all I can get this post baby body back to what it was.

Failing that, I’m going to cut a photo of my head out, stick it onto the body of one of the gorgeously thin girls that were at the launch, and just pretend!

Watch this space…..

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